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Delicious Library 2 Released

May 26, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Delicious Library, item number 2 on my list of the 10 Most Beautiful Mac Applications (for Non-Geeks), has received a major update. I haven’t gotten a chance to sort through all of the release notes yet, but a few things did catch my eye. What can you expect?

  • Better graphics
  • Support for larger libraries
  • One-click web publishing
  • Integration with your iTunes library
  • Smart shelves (think smart folders, but for shelves!)

Nisus Gets Serious

May 25, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

This week Nisus Software unveiled version 1.1 of its Nisus Writer Pro word processing software. The release brought with it some much-anticipated new features. The headline features of the release are mail merge and comments. There are dozens of other fixes and additions, but these two in particular will help Nisus Writer Pro compete with the likes of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. As I wrote about previously, mail merge is one of the reasons I still use Microsoft Word. The combination of Nisus Writer Pro version 1.1 and OpenOffice version 3.0 might finally change that.

Things Update Brings iCal Sync

May 25, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Cultured Code dropped a new version of Things on us yesterday. The 0.9.2 release includes support for iCal and Leopard’s system-wide to-dos. This new feature allows Things to interact with other applications built for Leopard, such as MailTags and MenuCalenderClock for iCal.

Top 10 Firefox 3 Features

May 21, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

There is a nice article over at Lifehacker on the top 10 Firefox 3 features. I still use an army of browsers at home, but I have been warming up to Firefox 3 (which I use almost exclusively at work). I can’t wait until some of these new Firefox features make it into Camino (I hope!).

Living with Windows

May 19, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Macworld put up a nice article today about installing and using Windows on Mac OS X via VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop. I use Fusion primarily because it was the first of the two to become sufficiently stable. But they’re both very good (my wife uses Parallels). If you’re currently using either program, jump ahead to the second page for a few tips on tweaking the settings to improve your Mac and Windows experience.

Has anyone downloaded the Fusion 2.0 beta? If so, please post a comment and share your experiences. I have been reluctant to download it since I use Fusion for work, but some of the features are intriguing.