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No More Syncplicity, Now What?

July 20, 2009  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been working on putting together a short overview of what I’m still using, what I’ve stopped using, what I am consider – things of that nature. But an email I received last week has put that on hold. And now I am asking for some advice.

The email I received was from the folks at Syncplicity. They announced that they have identified some serious issues with the Mac client. So they are pulling the client for a complete rewrite and plan to give some guidance on their schedule next year. Syncplicity for Mac will work until July 31 (not so far off) and then cease working.

We’ve been using Syncplicity for several months now to synchronize files across four computers. I briefly tried out DropBox, but didn’t like the fact that everything had to be stored in a DropBox folder. That simply won’t work with our setup (where the synched files need to be stored in different folders on different computers). We used JungleDisk for a while as a backup solution, but it didn’t seem to be a good synching solution (I can’t remember right now whether it supports synching or not – I just know we didn’t consider it for that).

We also briefly considered setting up a Leopard Server (I do have a copy that right now is not being used). Syncing is nice though because of the extra redundancy and online backup built into a good synching solution. It also provides offline access and keeps people from stomping on each other while trying to work in the same document. So it is a possible fallback position, but I’d much prefer to use a good synching solution.

Please post below if you have any suggestions for synching solutions (whether or not you have used it, but of course its better if you have and can share your experiences). Thanks in advance!