Living with Windows

May 19, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Macworld put up a nice article today about installing and using Windows on Mac OS X via VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop. I use Fusion primarily because it was the first of the two to become sufficiently stable. But they’re both very good (my wife uses Parallels). If you’re currently using either program, jump ahead to the second page for a few tips on tweaking the settings to improve your Mac and Windows experience.

Has anyone downloaded the Fusion 2.0 beta? If so, please post a comment and share your experiences. I have been reluctant to download it since I use Fusion for work, but some of the features are intriguing.


  1. I downloaded 2.0 and i haven’t noticed any problems so far. i’m not a power user but the interface is nicer.

  2. I recently switched my office computer to a Mac Pro and needed to continue using some Windows software from the server and from my PC. I am using VMWare Fusion and its Converter program (free download from VMWare) allowed me to convert my PC into a virtual machine and load it in Fusion. I took a while to convert it (a couple hours for a 50 Gb) and I had to reactivate Windows and reregister Quickbooks Premier. Otherwise it has worked perfectly so far and the Windows virtual machine even has all of the glitches that existed in it that caused me to switch. However, it runs a lot faster than it did on the PC. So, now I have a mac and my previous Windows setup in one machine. If you need your current setup (PC machine) and want to switch, this is the way to go.

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