November 1, 2007  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

My name is Jeffrey Kabbe, and I am a lawyer and website and graphic designer. I used to design web pages for a living – now I just do it for fun!

I have been a lover of Macintosh computers ever since I bought my first one in 2003.  I am a switcher. I hadn’t really used a Mac before I bought one. I bought one primarily because I just wasn’t happy with my Windows experience. My purchase was a leap of faith, premised on the idea that it is insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

And, boy did I ever get different results. My biggest surprise during the first few months of Mac ownership was in how much I severely underestimated the amount of money I would spend. I had budgeted for the cost of the computer plus a few pieces of software, like Microsoft Office. What I hadn’t counted on was discovering a veritable treasure trove of other software that I would want to buy. Since then, I have added several more Macs to the household (not all used by me, of course!).

My use of Macintosh computers hasn’t been limited to just your typical home use. When I started using Macs I was a software developer and graphic designer. I have since changed professions and become a lawyer. My wife, Natalia, is an attorney also, and during the past year I helped her get start using Macs in her law practice. To do that, I had to learn how law firms use software needed and what Mac software could best fill those roles. This blog is an outgrowth of that process.

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with my employer. Opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer. The material for blog posts come from two primary sources: 1) the assistance I provided my wife in setting up her law practice before I started working for my current employer; and 2) news articles I read and testing I perform on my own time with my own computer equipment.