Getting published just got a whole lot easier

January 19, 2012  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Apple has released quite a few products in the past couple of years. I am loving Final Cut Pro X. And some of the iPhone upgrades have been tremendous. But I don’t think I have been quite as excited about a new product since the iPad was first announced.

Today’s announcement of iBooks Author could be that big for lawyers. Historically, getting published has been a big deal. It’s typically a lot of work (and often luck) to make it happen. But the ability to reach more people with your message and raise your credibility has been worth it.

With the rise of e-publishing, the barrier to entry for publishing has never been lower. And iBooks Author may have just smashed that barrier down entirely. Creating a professional-looking iBook publication appears now to be as simple as making a Keynote presentation or Pages document.

If you’re a little technologically savvy and have the patience to sit and write, adding “author” after “J.D” to your C.V. just got a whole lot easier.


  1. I appreciate your blog. I don’t know if you’re still actively maintaining it, but I am looking for a program (mac based, but maybe Window compatible) that allows me to “keyword” documents for searching and finding at a later time. For example, certain pleadings, especially briefs, would be great for tagging with keywords so that I can search database of keywords and find that brief for use in another case. Any ideas on this?
    Thanks, David

  2. I personally don’t use a tagging program. However, I have run across a few in my journeys. There’s a decent review of several options here:

    It’s a little out of date (from 2009), but the major options I would consider are all listed.

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