Nisus Gets Serious

May 25, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

This week Nisus Software unveiled version 1.1 of its Nisus Writer Pro word processing software. The release brought with it some much-anticipated new features. The headline features of the release are mail merge and comments. There are dozens of other fixes and additions, but these two in particular will help Nisus Writer Pro compete with the likes of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. As I wrote about previously, mail merge is one of the reasons I still use Microsoft Word. The combination of Nisus Writer Pro version 1.1 and OpenOffice version 3.0 might finally change that.


  1. Jeff, Trek Forecast is no longer working. I don’t know how else to contact you. The Konfabulator team is all but gone.
    Your Widget appears to be trying to process 7 days of data. The download weather data only has 5 days of data.

    Bill B

  2. Hi Bill. I am glad you enjoy using the widget, but it doesn’t look good for Trek Forecast’s future. I got an email a while back from the source of my data feed (the weather channel) saying the feed was going to change. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to work on the widget. You’re welcome to take a look yourself, though. All the code is there inside the widget. If you decide to try it, good luck!

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