Office 2008 is still King

May 14, 2011  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

My troubles with Microsoft Word are well documented.  One particular bug has kept me from making the switch to Word 2011.  Occasionally, Word 2011 will lock up when pasting text.  It doesn’t seem to matter where the text comes from.  But the spinning beach ball of death appears and I have to Force Quit.  This happens so often, in fact, that I refuse to use Word 2011.  It’s a big time waster and just too stressful.

Microsoft released a patch for Office 2011 on April 12, 2011.  Despite the fact that the patch notes didn’t mention the copy-paste bug, I was hoping that Microsoft would have seen fit to render Word 2011 usable.  Alas, after a few weeks of testing (intermittently), I can report that Word 2011 has not been fixed.  It still crashes quite frequently when pasting.

So Word 2008 is still the King of the Office suites on our system (at least when we need to use the DOC file format).

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