Why Does Microsoft Hate Its Customers?

March 21, 2011  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

So I had mostly avoided Windows Genuine Advantage because my limited Windows needs were met with Windows XP.  I just never saw the reason to upgrade to Vista and put up with all the headaches.  But with Windows XP getting long in the tooth, I decided it was time to upgrade.  Upgrade licenses for Windows are much cheaper, so it made sense to buy one of those.  After all, I have many XP licenses (more than we actually use).  A natural fit…or so I thought.

I did a clean install of Windows 7 because nothing transfers over from XP anyway.  In the past, this has worked even though I have an upgrade DVD.  I would be asked for my older product key at some point in the process and everything would be fine.  Oh, if only it were that simple.  I have now called three different numbers, the last one being tech support (who didn’t pick up despite supposedly being “open”) and am left with an ominous black screen warning me that I might be a thief.

I am left to wonder, why Microsoft hates me so much.  There has never been a stronger argument for DRM punishing honest paying customers than what I have been going through for the past two days.  I would have been much better off pirating Windows.  I’d have a working system and an OS with more features (I bought the measly Home Premium).  I sincerely hope this was the last time I ever give Microsoft any of my money.

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