OmniFocus for iPad inching closer (and the surprising reason why I care about that)

June 27, 2010  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

The Omni Group recently confirmed that OmniFocus for iPad is probably technically on schedule.  They had previously slated OmniFocus for a June release on the iPad.  I am sure they think that all will be forgiven for missing their deadline just because they threw in a clever Star Wars reference.  But I am having none of that!

You might be curious at the renewed interest in OmniFocus.  After all, aren’t we using Things around here?

Well, yes, we had been using Things.  But it just didn’t seem to be helping us get things done.  It is simple to use and has a nice interface.  But there seemed to be something missing.  Something that I couldn’t put my finder on, keeping us from using it as our main task tracking system.  So we used Things as a supplement to Bento and iCal.

As you can imagine, the results were quite unsatisfying.

We have been using OmniFocus for the better part of a month — for everything apart from scheduling.  I have to say I am quite pleased.

I have found the following features particularly useful:

  • Deep folder hierarchies makes organizing tasks by topic and client much easier
  • Different views lets me easily see what I have to do from many different angles (home in on one project or see everything due within the next few days)
  • Action groups lets me make mini projects for a client engagement (the lack of nested projects was a major limitation of Things)
  • Syncing across multiple computers has enabled us to work on the road much more effectively

When I first took a look at OmniFocus, I thought it was too powerful for what I needed.  But I think that was because I really didn’t understand what I needed.  In a busy firm, living the philosophy that “if I don’t record a task, it’s not getting done” really takes a powerful tool.

We have decided that tool is OmniFocus.  And so far it’s working out nicely.


  1. I agree that the lack of nesting in Things is a major downside. I started with things but never liked the limited options for organizing projects within a project. Omnifocus really fills that need. Can’t wait for the iPad version — I hope it has a lot of the functionality of the desktop version.

  2. Thanks for the post Jeffrey, I can’t wait to see how their UI looks like, hope to love the user experience as well.

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