My week with the iPad

April 12, 2010  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

I woke up on Saturday, April 3 thinking I had a zero-point-zero percent chance of landing an iPad. And then something magical happened. I can’t explain it (and it would be confidential even if I could), but I found myself at the Apple Store that afternoon trying to convince my wife that we should get the 64GB iPad instead of the 16GB one (or coming back in 3 hours for a 32GB model).

First, let me say that I am very impressed with the iPad. Everything I have done on it has been a joy. I have messed around with the iWork apps, purchased and used Things a little, and watched some Netflix streaming movies. My only gripe so far is that there’s really no easy way to sync iWork documents between the iPad and a desktop/laptop. It’s back to the dark ages with a several step process to copy files each way.

The only thing I haven’t done is figure out how I am going to use it for work. But, as always, Ben Stevens came through. He’s posted a few links to iPad blogs, including:

And I even think Ben mentioned somewhere that he was going to be starting up a legal iPad site in the near future too. Could that be the “rumor” he is referring to? Maybe this new blog will show the rest of Ben’s head!!

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