What will Steve carry down from the mountain?

January 4, 2010  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

I’m not one to get into rampant speculation. I’ve seen too many “credible reports” of future Apple products turn out to be completely wrong. But I had to link to this story about the Apple event scheduled for January 27th because it has one of the best photo Jobs I have ever seen.

What will the event bring? I am hoping it’s something closer to the iPhone than the MacBook Air. Depending on who you talk to, the MacBook Air was either revolutionary or evolutionary. It certainly had an amazing portability. But it didn’t quite reach revolutionary status for me because it was missing a certain something.

That “something” – found in the iPhone – is the ability to look back after you’ve owned the product for a while and say, “I never imagined that this feature would be so important to me; I can’t live without it.” If Apple does release a tablet on the27th, I hope it can lead to that kind of change in my life.

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