1Password To-Go

July 22, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Agile Web Solutions has given us a sneak preview of 1Password for the iPhone (with lots of screen shots!). I have to admit that I am pretty nervous about taking all of my passwords with me. The cost-benefit analysis just seems to weigh against it (the benefit seems pretty low because I seldom need passwords on the run). But Agile seems to have thought pretty hard about the security aspect and has come up with some pretty interesting solutions. The good news is that 1Password for the iPhone will be free (at least for a limited time). Maybe I’ll decide I need it all the time once I have it! Look for it soon in the App Store.

Update: It’s arrived.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing your concerns about security on iPhone. We do our best to protect the information stored by 1Password on iPhone. The data is encrypted and it is not possible to access without the master password.

    At the same time, we had several requests about being able to sync only a subset of data. We will be adding support for this feature and it will help you to limit the data you carry.

    Best regards, Roustem
    Co-author of 1Password

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