Not So Fast, My Friend

February 12, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

I am usually one of the early-adopters of Mac OS X updates. This time, my tardiness may have saved me some trouble. A few people are reporting issues with the 10.5.2 release. Some have lost their iCal calendar data. If you’re an iCal user, you may want to consider backing up your iCal data to .Mac, Time Machine, or elsewhere before installing 10.5.2.

The 10.5.2 update also appears to break Linotype FontExplorer X. I am a big fan of FontExplorer X, so this is a real disappointment. I also own FontAgent Pro, but I find (the free) FontExplorer X to be much easier to use and much faster. Hopefully a fix will be released soon.


  1. hi jeff,
    problems with linotype should be fixed now:

    “FontExplorer X Version 1.2.3 (build 833)
    Release date: February 12, 2008

    This update (Version 1.2.3) fixes among other things some misbehavior in previous versions of FontExplorer X when used under Mac OS X 10.5. It is strongly recommended for all users of Mac OS X 10.5.”

  2. Thank you for the heads up.

  3. Jeff – great site here from both a content and design perspective.

    I’m one of the seemingly few, but growing, attorneys using a mac in my law practice, and love it. I’ll keep an eye on your site for future articles.

    Thanks again.

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