A Trio of Updates

February 11, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Today saw the release of three updates for Mac OS X: a new dot-release (10.5.2) for Leopard, a security update for Tiger, and a graphics update for Leopard. As usual, these updates are available through Software Update (although you have to download 10.5.2 before applying the graphics update).

The big news for 10.5.2 is that Apple turned back the clock on a couple of changes in Leopard. In 10.5.2, users now have the option to use the pre-Leopard List View when accessing a folder in the Dock. Leopard replaced the List View with Stacks, which only supported Fan and Grid view. The 10.5.2 update also reduced the translucency of the menu bar and menus and provides an option to turn off translucency altogether.

For all the press Microsoft has gotten lately over users “upgrading” from Vista to Windows XP, this has to be a little bit of a black eye for Apple. Steve Jobs has a reputation for being somewhat dictatorial when it comes to the design of Mac OS X interface. It’s nice to see Apple listen to their users when enough voices cry out together on one (or, in this case, two) issue(s).

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