Poll: External Optical Drive For Your Sub-notebook?

January 2, 2008  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

Rumors of a sub-notebook computer from Apple have been floating around the Internet for quite a while. Last month, rumors indicated that Apple was going to announce the sub-notebook at Macworld, which takes place next week. Recently, a new twist to the rumor has appeared. Like many other sub-notebook manufacturers, Apple will apparently be offering an external optical drive for the Mac sub-notebook. The one thing the rumors haven’t made clear is whether the external drive will be an option or come standard. That ambiguity, combined with my own personal interest in the outcome, makes that a great first Apple Briefs poll question.

I am considering getting a smaller notebook than my current MacBook Pro. I have wondered myself a few times if I am better off getting a MacBook instead of the new sub-notebook (MacBook Mini?). Previously, I was drawn to the pro laptops from Apple because the graphics chips and keyboards were vastly superior to those in the consumer models. Now, however, the keyboards are mostly comparable (I love my new iMac keyboard, which was seems based on the work done for the MacBook). The graphics chip in the sub-notebook is also likely to be closer to that in the MacBook due to heat and power-consumption issues.

Ultimately, I think I am not likely to want an optical drive in a sub-notebook. If I was going to use it frequently, I would probably just get a MacBook. However, I don’t think I would want to use it frequently. In that case, it would be spending most of its days in a drawer in my office. Undoubtedly, whenever I wanted to use it, the optical drive would still be in that drawer in my office – safe, but unusable. But, that’s just what I think. Let everyone know what you think by voting in the poll!

Do you want an external optical drive included with the rumored Apple sub-notebook?

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