Mac Website Highlight: MacZot

November 30, 2007  (Jeffrey Kabbe)

I thought I would wrap up the month by highlighting one of the few websites I visit every day: MacZot. I mentioned in my first post that I bought much more software for my Mac (actually Macs, plural) than I ever expected. One big factor leading to that result was MacZot.

MacZot is similar to woot!, except it lists Mac software. Almost every day, MacZot has a piece of Mac software on sale. On rare occasions, MacZot has a bundle of applications or application templates on sale. The MacZot sale price is usually very good. The catch is that the sale price is only available for that one day.

MacZot has served two useful purposes for me. First, it has allowed me to buy software that I wanted, but didn’t really need, by offering the software at a more affordable price. Second, it has introduced me to software that I didn’t know existed. I visit several Mac news websites regularly, but MacZot will still occasionally list software that I haven’t seen before.

To date, I have succumbed to temptation on MacZot 23 times in just over a year. The pace has slowed a little bit as my software stable has gotten larger. But still look forward every morning to finding out what that day’s special is on MacZot.

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